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Generally, it is believed that the human person only engage himself to things that have a lot of benefits to him and his society at large. It is with this fact that every discipline seems to have specific roles and importance that it plays in order to sharpen and restructure the attitude of man and his environment. Drawing from the above fact it is convincingly that philosophy also as a discipline is not an exception in playing significant roles in the life of man and his society.

Therefore, philosophy as an intellectual discipline tries to examine the activities of man and his truth claims to determine the true and falsity of such claims. Although this research is based on an account for the relevance of philosophy as an intellectual discipline, shall also elaborate on the concept philosophy.
For proper comprehension this work contains the following sections; an introduction, definition of terms, body of the work, conclusion, and a list of works cited.

In order to avoid ambiguity the researcher sees it proper to clarify some basic concepts or terms that formed the question.

ACCOUNT: According to Longman active study dictionary , it is said to be the reason for something, or to explain the reason for something (9).

RELEVANCE: The Longman active study dictionary holds that relevance means important and useful (750).
PHILOSOPHY: The study of ideas about life, thought and behaviour (662).

INTELLECTUAL: The 5th edition of Longman active dictionary states that intellectual is well educated and interested in serious subject and ideas (469).

DISCIPLINE: It is defined as a way to teach someone to obey rules and control their own behaviours (248).

Although emphasis have to be laid on the relevance of philosophy intellectual discipline, but it would be more proper if we first conceive an idea on what philosophy itself means.
What then is philosophy?
From an etymological point of view the concept or term philosophy is derived from two Greek words phila and Sophia, which can be literary translated as “love of wisdom” (Anyam 2). However there is no univocal definition of philosophy, but different scholars have defined the term in different ways all depending on their own perspective. Rene Descartes holds that philosophy is the quest for certainty (Anyam 3). Philosophy as an academic discipline has five branches namely; Metaphysic, Ethics, Epistemology, Aesthetics and Logic and all these branches plays every significant role in structuring man. From this perspective the researcher see philosophy as a field of study that is out to identify the problems of man and provide possible solutions for in order to enable him live a perfect life.

Having acquired an idea of the concept of philosophy the researcher deems it fit to proceed to the relevance of philosophy as intellectual discipline. Philosophy as an intellectual discipline has a very significant relevance and importance to the society and humanity in his day to day schedule, all it’s relevance shall be illustrated below.
First and foremost, philosophy as an intellectual discipline acts as a rational basis to life. This implies that the discipline motivates us to generate ideas through the powers of reasons, that is to say, through philosophy we are self dependent and have to live proper lives in the society in order to achieve our goals, no doubts Socrates started that an unexamined life is not worth living (Alloy 4). This holds that we should always consider our thoughts before executing them.

Furthermore, philosophy through one of it’s branches know as ethics help us in determining the concept of good and bad in the society, it sharpens our moral conducts, therefore we can have a stand that philosophy as an intellectual discipline helps in guiding human behaviour and provide asset in determining the best way of achieving the good for our benefit.
Also philosophy is a reflective thinking and inquiry, this means that philosophy proceeds by way of arguments and criticism and not by experiments and verification. It supposes experiences and experiments but it goes beyond the empirical (Alloy 5). There it plays an important role in asking typical questions with a view of discovering the essence of definition or at least the description of concepts and things. And through this it get the meaning and relations between various concepts; it presents a way of seeing the world.
Philosophy is relevant to the intellectual discipline to because it determine the bases for arguments, this simply means that it provide all the necessary gadgets that will enable us to identify truth and false argument, and also give the logical steps of placing our arguments in order to avoid contradictions and ambiguity. By this philosophy can be seen as tool for determining true knowledge.

Through the knowledge of philosophy we are able to know and understand the various principles behind the determination of what is moral, immoral or amoral (Anyam 4). This implies that with the aid of philosophy we are given awareness of the basic guidelines in human right by knowing what is right and wrong, good and bad. Through this knowledge we have the opportunity to discuss many controversial issues such as suicide, abortion etc and to determine whether such actions are proper and the motives behind such actions. In other words the knowledge of philosophy equips us with our fundamental rights in the society and makes us to be law abiding citizens.
With the help of philosophy we are able to analyse language and the clarification of the meaning of concepts, through philosophy we can have a case study of language and how it is actually use and even transform or dissolved philosophical problems, while the concept of logical analysis is an activity of analysis usually less on a set of doctrine that a sensitivity to nuances of language. This show that philosophy is characterize by many factors.

Having addressed the concept of philosophy it is clear that philosophy as an intellectual discipline today is characterize by generality, obscurity, elusiveness and depth. This character of philosophy is buried in the human desire to find satisfactory answers or solutions to the critical questions of humanity. Also it tries to make humanity take necessary correction of the past to enable him focus on the present and project a better future, for his own benefit and that of the society at large.


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